DocuSign OAuth - Missing state when authorizing

Hello - I’m trying to utilize DocuSign’s REST API, which uses OAUTH. I’m able to query the API in other programs such as Postman, but I can’t see to get past the initial OAUTH authorization when setting up a Web Location connector in EasyMorph.

When I click Authorize, it opens a browser to DocuSign’s auth URL. When I login, EasyMorph doesn’t detect it.

However, when I click Authorize and instead browse to URL below, EasyMorph says Missing state. What does this mean?

( client id here&redirect_uri=http://localhost:33333)

To note, I’ve removed my DocuSign client id for obvious reasons from the URL’s parameter.


I was able to resolve this by changing my DocuSign app’s redirect URI to and then access my auth URL to generate the authorization code, which I plugged into EasyMorph’s OAUTH ‘authorize’ screen.

Thanks for reporting the problem. We will take a look at it.