Do I need to Refresh OAuth Access Tokens?

I’ve added a few screenshots for OAuth2 configuration.
You should register OAuth2 application in Zoho and fill ClientId and Client secret in EasyMorph.
Also pay attention to fill required scopes and set access_type to offline.
When access token expires, a new token will be requested automatically.

Redirect URI
In most cases you should be able to use any redirect uri.

For automatic processing, try to use localhost with any available port and http scheme , e.g. http://localhost:6332 or http://localhost:6332/auth .
Otherwise you’ll need to copy the url manually from the browser to EasyMorph.
Redirect urls like urn:ietf:wg:oauth:2.0:oob also supported.

Pay attention, that sometimes redirectUri should be also configured in your OAuth2 application.
See your api provider for details.

Also setting access_type to offline could be required. See your api provider for details.