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Do I need to Refresh OAuth Access Tokens?


Hope you are well.

Just getting my head around the new OAuth feature. I have never authenticated using OAuth before so apologies for the ignorance.

Here is an example from Zoho Creator’s API documentation:

It mentions about refreshing the access token. Do I have to create an EasyMorph project to do this or is it handled automatically by the application?



Hi Shaheed,

this is handled by EasyMorph automatically under the hood.

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You will need to create a so called “client ID” or “client app” in Zoho, and then provide the app ID in the OAuth connector in EasyMorph. See this article: https://www.zoho.com/creator/help/api/v2/register-client.html

Thank you for your assistance @dgudkov.

I’ve added a few screenshots for OAuth2 configuration.
You should register OAuth2 application in Zoho and fill ClientId and Client secret in EasyMorph.
Also pay attention to fill required scopes and set access_type to offline.
When access token expires, a new token will be requested automatically.


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