Disable Entire Table with all Transformations

Would love to disable an entire table with many transformations associated - instead of disabling each transformation!

It is now possible to select and disable multiple actions (transformations). Click the first action in thable, then Shift+click the last action, and pick Disable from the contextual (right-click) menu.

Ok, but that’s not exactly what i need. If the table already contains deactivated test actions, these must be observed each time.
The state of the actions within the table should remain as it is set, or you have to remember or note the state each time before aktivate/deactivate

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Would like this feature introduced too, can I suggest:

  • Disable entire table option via right-click on table
  • Disable entire tab option via right-click on tab
  • Disable selection of tables via custom click-and-drag highlight


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Is there something like

  • Disable entire tab option via right-click on tab or any other way??

This would be very useful - the only way I can do this now is to duplicate the table and disable the first action so I have a copy to match all the actions to.

Alas, there is no option for that, @ashish.

I found this helpful. Is there a way to perform this type of action and only run the actions for a specific table within a group?

It depends on what exactly you want to achieve. If you need to have more precise control over the manual calculation of actions, you can switch off the "Auto-run" mode and then select the action up to which you need your workflow calculated and click "Run action". Or, just Ctrl+click the action up to which the workflow should be calculated.

See this tutorial article for more details: EasyMorph | More ways to run a project

If you need your workflow to conditionally calculate tables, use the conditional derivation mode in the "Derive table" action.

See this tutorial article: EasyMorph | Conditional workflows