Disable all exports

Hi again,

Could it be possible to add a button in the toolbar aside “run project” to disable all exports operations.
and in the left panel, a new tab with the list of all the export operations, with eventually a warning if the target file already exist and maybe the creation date and the size of the existing file.
At the end, the purpose of Easymorph is to export data, so maybe this kind of overview would avoid a few mistakes to dummy users like myself.


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We’ve added new tab “Actions” to “Project Overview” in version 3.8.1. It has lists of all export and import actions, as well as external actions and filters. It should be a convenient way to disable/enable all exports at once and make sure that no export action is overlooked.


In version 3.9 we will be adding an option to overwrite/rename/halt export if target file already exists.

The overview provided by the actions tab is very useful.


Hi Dmitry,

Is it possible to disable all actions for each tab in a module or for a module as whole in one click ?

Would be nice if this was possible.

Hi Nikolaas,

why would someone need it? what’s the case?

Hi Dmitry,

Sometimes I want to disable actions in some tabs for testing purposes. Since actions are grouped by type of action in the enable/disable window, it is hard to figure out where the actions occur other than clicking on each action.
Therefore I was thinking that it would be nice to be able to be able to right click on a tab an then have an option ‘disable all action or enable all actions’.
The same sort of menu when right clicking on a module would be nice to have.

Kind regards

I would suggest moving such tabs into modules and then disabling calling these modules.

Hi Dmitry,

Thanks for the suggestion but sometimes I have rather complex projects in which I have multiple modules in which each module has multiple tabs…
I shall think about it for future designs.