Differences Pulling in Data from Excel vs CSV

Hi EM community,

I am wondering if anyone can tell me what is going on. I have a file that I pull manually from a client portal. The native format of that file is xlsx. If I try to load it in as is I get errors for “null string was not in the correct format” or “yyyy-MM-ddT00:00:00 Input string was not in the correct format.”

When I save the file, instead as a CSV, it loads in beautifully without any other changes.

Does anyone know what causes this issue? I am assuming it has to do with the data type being a date in excel and then converted to a string when the file is saved as a CSV.

Here is what the formatting looks like in excel.

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated!

Most probably the xlsx file is generated by a 3rd party utility that doesn’t stick to the specification and generates a file with a broken structure. Since there is a broad variety of such 3rd party tools, EasyMorph can recover some but not other malformatted xlsx files. You happened to get a file that EasyMorph can’t recover (yet).

If the CSV format works for you, I would suggest sticking with it for now. If not, send the XLSX file to our support and our engineers will analyze what’s wrong with it.

Hi, Twitch.

The Excel Command action (Workflow; External) has a “Re-save” option that may resolve the formatting issues.

So, plug this in first, to Re-Save/“fix” the file, then Import. See if that’s any better. :+1:


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This worked! Thank you sir.