Delete/move/rename filen on (S)FTP Server

After downloading files from an SFTP-Server I have to delete/move/rename them on the server. Is there any function for that (or any workaround)?

kind regards

Use the “SSH command” action to execute shell commands (e.g. mv, rm) on a remote computer. Since SFTP works over SSH, you can use the same connector for SFTP file transfer and SSH commands.

Thanks for your hint. The server I have to use is a windows server. I can connect manualy e.g. via putty and execute commands like dir, move, del, …
When I execute such a command via easymorph (e.g. dir with option “capture output”) I see the “Still running…” windows and nothing happens (after 5 min I stopped).

Any idea, how I can find out the reason for that behavior?


Most probably it’s waiting for a user input (e.g. password) in a hidden process. Make sure that the command you’re executing does not request any user input.

Alternatively, you can try using PowerShell to open a remote PowerShell session and execute commands.