Decoding ISO-8859-15

i would like to read XML (see atached file). It seems to be encoded by ISO-8859-15.
In Editor (notepad++) the file looks good.

After import it looks like this.

→ no dieresis
i tried to decode by uridecode(). Unfortunately without success.

any ideas?

regards, Adrian
versand.lkwtransport.transportauftrag.dwh.easymorph_20220913-040107_1acca6a1-d607-4ee8-9212-ceb26c48c9dd.xml (705 Bytes)

I loaded it as plain text first using the UTF-8 encoding (setting encoding to ISO-8859-15 didn’t work), then parsing using the “Parse XML” action.

Why UTF-8? Because, Notepad++ detected it as UTF-8-BOM. It could be that the real encoding is different from the declared one.

Hi Dmitry,
thanks, as plaintext it works… and yes, the encoding seems to be different.
It would be helpfull, if the Encodingproperty could be set by “Import XML file” action :slight_smile: (feature-Request?)


“Import XML file” respects the charset specified in the XML itself. In this file, the charset ISO-8859-15 indicated in XML was incorrect. The actual charset was UTF-8.