Debugging bad results on a lookup action

I am using the following action:

But it is generating some bad results for some of the rows. I do not know why. The table it is using to lookup up from has limited data and I expect when I do not get a match of the key, Easymorph will generate an empty value. Instead, it is creating bad data results. Is there some sort of DEBUG or TRACE that I can use to find the error?

Hi @easymorph1 and welcome to the Community!

What do you mean by “bad data results”?

If you maximize the table, it will switch into the Analysis View mode. See the advanced topics in this tutorial: EasyMorph | Profiling data

In Analysis View, select the “Lookup” action and filter rows that contain the data in question.

Thank you so much. Your suggestion showed my error. Thanks.

You’re welcome!