Date/Time Conversion on Update

I’m getting the following error when trying to update a record in a database.

Error: Value in the [<>] column at row #1 is not an integer and can’t be matched to a DateTime DB column
Source: action “Update database table”, module “Start”, table “<>”

I’ve attempted to convert the field to an number, but the error still persists. What might I be missing?


Matching between values in EasyMorph and in a database can only be done on text values, integer numbers, and whole dates (without the time part). This is because same numbers (dates too are numbers in EasyMorph) with fractional decimals can have different representations in EasyMorph and in the database and may not match due to rounding errors.

Are you saying the problem is because I’m including a time in the date?

Yes, matching by timestamps can’t be done. It should only be whole dates without the time part.