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Date of week start by ISO (Monday)?

Week number by ISO (Monday) = works
ISO Week = div([Thursday] - makedate(year([Thursday]), 1, 1), 7) + 1
Week number (iso) = isoweeknumber([Date as number])

Day of week ISO Monday = works
Day of week ISO = if([Day of week (number)] - 1 = 0 ,7, [Day of week (number)] - 1)

Date of week start by ISO (Monday) = ???
Week start number but start at Sunday
Week start number = weekstart([Date as number])

I need the start date of the week at ISO standard Monday

Could you help me for a solution

I’m not sure I understand the question. Can you provide an example?

See 5 task
Week start Date (IMonday ISO) = format([Week start Date (SUN - number)]+1,“yyyy-MM-dd”)

But this are not OK, Sunday from last week have now also the next week

TARGET are -->> Week start Day as ISO at MondayCalendar Days Hour 2021.morph (8.6 KB)

Hi Dimitri - Have you time to have a look about it ?

Honestly, I couldn’t understand what your question was :flushed:

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