Date format not working in some cases when converting text to date

Hello guys,

I looked in Q&A but didn’t find my answer so far.
I have 2 projects where I perform the very same flow of actions, with very same action configurations, input types, and so on.
First project, works like a charm when I need to convert text into date → I get a number that is correctly formated to a date when displayed.
Second project, I must be missing something, very same steps, configurations, inputs → but my number is displayed as a number whatever the format I try to apply.

Please find enclosed 2 short vids showing the issue. I guess I must be missing something but can’t figure it out.

Thanks and regards.


It looks like in the second case it converted text to dates, but since dates in EasyMorph are just numbers (as in Excel), you need to switch column formatting to a date format. In the first case, the formatting was switched automatically, but in the second case, the autodetect logic didn’t work (sometimes it happens).

Click a column header to select the column, then select the number formatting in the column bar (see below).

Thanks a lot !