Date format inconsistency

Hi all,

Hoping anyone can help me with the issue I’m having.
In some of the date lines that I imported from multiple spreadsheets, I noticed there are a few that did not convert to proper excel date format (5 digit numbers).

The issue stemmed from the data source (won’t convert to numbers when I changed the data type to number or text), however I can’t pinpoint the case, as there is no leading or trailing spaces on the data on it

Is there any way to remove this inconsistency through EasyMorph at all?
Thank you in advance.

You can use a type-checking expression to modify this column, for instance.

IF istext([D.O.B]) THEN date([D.O.B], 'dd/MM/yyyy') ELSE [D.O.B]

The expression leaves all numerical dates as is and only converts text dates into numerical dates.

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