Date Difference - Weekdays only

I am trying to find the difference between 2 dates, but the difference should calculate business days only i.e. weekdays only.

How can I do that?

I would do it like that:

Count weekdays only.morph (4.1 KB)

The sum for 'Weekend flag=FALSE' are the workdays in the period, the ones with 'Weekend flag=TRUE' are the days of the weekends of this period.

You can use the workdays() function. It does exactly that.

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Nice. Didn’t know about that. :smiley:

Considering other regions in (middle east), Friday and Saturday is the non working days.

Is there an option to change from Sat and Sun to Fri and Sat?

There is no option for that, currently. You can probably still use workdays() as is but add correcting calculations based on the day of the week of the start and end dates.