Dataloss after Unpivot/Pivot


I have a problem with Unpivot / Pivot.
After reading several files (in example 5) and Unpivot/Pivot, only one line is displayed after the PivotAction.
I would have expected 5 lines. Why aren’t 5 rows of data displayed?

I have attached an example.

Thanks in advance for your help


Adrian (7.4 KB)

ok, found this Topic

seems to be a workaround

Hi Adrian,

the “Any” aggregation means that among values of the same column only one (literally any) will be taken and the rest discarded (lost).

What you could do is add grouping before pivoting. Groups are defined by a combination of all columns that are not data or labels. Usually, you just enumerate rows before pivoting. Rows should be enumerated within groups specified by column “Labels”.

Here is the result (no data loss):

Column “RowNo” can be removed after pivoting if no longer needed.

Hello Dmitry,

thanks for the quick help.
I have tested another solution (see Picture/your example in other Topic–> unpivot-pivot.morph ) .

I assume the effect is the same as Enumerate in groups?

Thanks again, :+1:


Yes, the effect is exactly the same.