Database Connection request timed out

Hi Group -

EasyMorph Version

I'm getting a timeout error on testing for an Oracle database

  • Oracle Database 10g Enterprise Edition Release - 64bi

I adjusted the timeout settings very high but I notice that in ~15 seconds on the run the error still pops up no matter how high I set the values.

Calling out the values increase (I know ridiculously high) but I just wanted to test. It seems to have no difference on the timeout.

Hi Adam,

The settings in the connector configuration change command or query execution timeout.

But it seems that, in your case, the connection to the DB server times out.

You can change the default connection timeout of 15 seconds by adding a new custom property named Connection timeout in the connector settings. The value is in seconds.

Thanks for the setting suggestion. I am still getting a timeout even after 5 minutes in EM. I also installed EM on another machine in the same datacenter with the same results. However, if I open a SQL client like DBeaver I have no issues with timeouts on either machine.

Adam, Oracle 10g is not supported by the Oracle Data Provider for .NET version, used internally by the native Oracle connector in EasyMorph.

It requires Oracle Database 19c or later.

You can try to use an ODBC connector instead of the native one.