Data types when exporting to database oracle > postgres


We are pulling data out of an oracle database to put this in a postgres database.
When we use create table in the database action, we have the option to choose simple or advanced data types.

  1. Does EasyMorph detect the data types from the source database automatically ? In other words, does it read the table definitions from the source ?

  2. Does Easymorph convert the data types automatically to match data types in the target (postgres).?

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No, it doesn’t do that. EasyMorph suggests data types by analyzing column values in the current datasets. Suggested DB data types are very basic and depend on the connector’s SQL dialect. Overall, it’s for users who are not familiar with databases at all.

@andrew.rybka, can you please answer it.

@dgudkov already answered about the “Create table” command.

As for the “Export to database” action:

It will not take into account Oracle column types. Export only takes into account the type of a source cell and the type of a target column.

Export will convert cell values only in the following cases:

  • Boolean cell to a numeric column - 1 or 0 will be exported
  • Numeric cell to a date or a datetime column - source number will be treated as an OADate and converted to a date or a datetime literal according to the format, supported by the target database
  • Any cell to a text column or a column of unknown type - will be exported as text
  • Error cell will be always exported as null

In all the other cases when cell type doesn’t match column type a NULL value will be exported.