Data type check when using bulk load action


The new bulk load action is a great improvement in EasyMorph ! Thanks for releasing this feature.

In the standard export to database action, there’re some options available.

One of the options is to check if the data type in the dataset to be exported matches the data type in the target database as shown below.

How does that work in the new bulk export action ? Does it raise an error when types do not match or does it export the value as a null value ?
Maybe it would be better if we could have the same option like in the standard export to database action with a default value of “Fail on data type mismatch” so that errors are noticed?

There’s also a custom SQL-statement available in the standard export action. We use that often to first truncate a table before loading it. In the bulk load action, this is not available yet so we have to use a database action with custom command. That’s our workaround for the moment. Adding that custom SQL action could also be a further improvement?



The action fails in case of a data type mismatch. So you won’t miss an error.

That’s the correct flow. We don’t plan to introduce custom SQL in bulk export yet.

Great !