Data Connector: Shopify

Hi -
We’ve been doing a lot of really interesting things using the web requests. Some of them are much easier than others based on popularity of the tool and documentation ect.

One that would be interesting would be sort of a “out of the box” connector for Shopify as it is a popular turn-key ecom


I had built a lot of processes for a webform tool called “Formstack” but it took a lot of trial and error to understand the structure (and limits of the token(s)) so I understand in order to build more of a turn key solution it could take time.

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I like the idea of a connector for Shopify! Shopify and Stripe would be on our first priority list.

Formstack is less common. It would be good if EasyMorph users could share with the Community ready-to-use examples of projects with workflows to connect to less popular API such as Formstack.

I'm into this! I also did some interesting ETL concepts with InvoiceNinja. Is there a place you'd like these posted?

If it's an educational post with illustrations it can be posted in Articles.