Data catalog results storage


Can you tell us where are stored technically :

  • the history of data catalog executions
  • the results of data catalog executions

Thanks !

The history is stored in the Server journal.

The result datasets are stored as temporary encrypted .dset files (deleted after 24 hours) in the system folder of EasyMorph Server.

Should the .dset files be in SystemFolder\Catalog\Results ? Because this folder is empty. Is it normal ? Can it be elsewhere ?

Yes, that’s the correct path.

Yes. The results are deleted automatically after 24 hours. Also, only computed datasets are stored in the results. Computed URLs and file paths and all static items are not.

That’s the only location for results.

So I think there’s a bug here : I only managed a computed dataset, I’ve just retrieved one and the folder is still empty.

If you discarded the calculation result manually (in the list of results), it also deletes the temporary result file from the system folder.

I did not. I have at least one result fresh from this morning. Computed dataset. I never saw something in SystemFolder\Catalog\Results since I tested data catalog feature. It must be somewhere else because when I retrieve again it goes fast. Maybe it’s using another cache ?

Hi @RJO !

Computation results are kept in [SystemFolder]\Catalog\Results folder (with respect to the actual value of your [SystemFolder] server setting)

You can see the actual (evaluated) path for Results folder in server debug log ([systemfolder]\Logs\Debug log\EasyMorphServer*.log),

Note that these result files are always encrypted with a per-result separate one-time key.

It’s mysteriously working today. We only :

  • changed the server licence (that includes a free dynamic license to test the feature)
  • restarted the service

Very strange. Don’t have any explanation about what did not work at first time.

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