Data catalog : fails in desktop if catalog is readonly

Hi team,

You will tell me : why put the catalog file readonly ? Just to prevent users from adding new catalog items because there’s no security to control who can add things. It’s just about having the license or not.

Problem : when you try to read the catalog from the desktop and the catalog database file is readonly, you have an error :
Seems to me as a bug : why would the desktop update the catalog database file if a user is only reading the content or just running things without adding or removing anything in items and columns lists ?

The catalog file isn’t intended for accessing by external parties. It’s for internal use only and will probably be partially encrypted in the future.

However, the error message in your screenshot is probably from accessing a Server repository file from another computer, not a catalog file.

I can confirm that this message is also shown when the catalog file is locked. Maybe it’s overly specific (in the file repository part)