Customizing Server UI

In version 3.9.4 and up it’s possible to customize certain elements of the Server user interface using the custom theme.

Why customize

You may want to give the Server UI your corporate look and feel – use the corporate logo and colors of your organization to make the users feel more comfortable and reduce cognitive workload.

Second, you may want to put useful links into the header. A few ideas:

  • A link to your BI/dashboard portal (Tableau, PowerBI, etc.)
  • A link to SharePoint
  • A link to corporate wiki page (e.g. with internal training materials)
  • A couple numbers (or even embedded web-chart) showing CPU/RAM utilization of the Server (run every 5 minutes a task to obtain them using PowerShell and replace in the top-header.html)

Third, you may want to make the Server look like it’s a part of another corporate web-application/portal.

How to customize

The themes are located in C:\Program Files\EasyMorph Server\wwwroot\themes. By default, the elements from the default theme are used for UI rendering. However, if a customized element is added to the custom theme, then it takes precedence over the equivalent element in the default theme.

The following UI elements of the web-console can be added and customized in the custom theme:

  • Logo (logo.png)
  • Header hyperlinks (top-header.html)
  • Colors, styles (custom.css)
  • Favicon (favicon.ico)

Note that the content of the default theme is overwritten during software updates. Therefore it’s not recommended to change it. The custom theme is not affected by software updates.

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