Custom separator delimited file [DONE]

Hi there , we use a lot the functionality “import delimited text file” some times there are very special files that use specific delimitd caracters.

Should be great , if there is a possibility to write in a box the specific caracter.
As and example at this moment we have to work with something like this “¦”.

We are using a combination of steps and sometimes powershell. But native support will help a lot.

Best regards

Hello @edudwhgonzo ,

I agree with you: when you’ve to choose the delimiter, the current UI isn’t so friendly and it take some times to find the correct character.

It would be great to have the possibility to write the character/string.

edudwhgonzo and AndreaM.

Don’t know if this would help, or if this feature appears in the version you’re using (I’m on 5.3.1), but if you paste the custom character to the clipboard (from notepad, or a separate app) first, you can use the “Paste” button at the top-left of the Custom separator editor to “look up” the character you’re using in the table.

EDIT: Actually, just tried this and found that if you open the Custom separator editor and just type a character on your keyboard, it appears in the top box.