CSViewer - File Metadata Lineage?

The Community link on the CSViewer page directed me here - is this the right place for CSViewer support?

If so, we've just started playing around with CSViewer after the deprecation announcement for QViewer and overall, it's got some great new features! One thing I did notice that was a gap from QViewer is that it appears that the Lineage portion of the File Metadata is not available in CSV. Would that be possible to add to the tool? I use that regularly to confirm the data source of the QVD and it would be a bummer to lose that feature.

Also one other small thing, but re: filters, would be great if 1) when double clicking a column to open the filter, the cursor went right to the search box to begin searching and 2) you could double click in the filter pane to make selections without needing to click Apply.

Thanks for the great work on this tool!

Hi Hannah and welcome to the Community!

Yes, it's the right place to ask questions about CSViewer.

We were curious if this feature was demanded, and now we see that it is. We will add it in the next release.

We will see if we can do that.

We would rather add an option to instantly apply filters when selection changes in the filter boxes (so on single click, not double-click). How does that sound to you?

Great, thanks! Having the lineage available will save me from having to find and open the generating app to find the source - much appreciated.

Re: filtering, yeah, I think that would work - fewer clicks are better than more!

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