CSV Viewer: Load file on double-click with default load settings (avoid the pop up dialog box)

Subject says it al really. I discovered CSV Viewer and it's generous no-strings attached free license. Thanks kindly as it seems so far to be much better than using Excel for this. I have to view a good many very large CSV data files efficiently from time to time.

That said, I can double-click and open a file in CSV viewer, but it always pops up with the Load dialog box and all I ever do is hit OK. Is there an option I am not finding to automate that? As in my CSV files are well formed, and I'm good with the default settings and happy to modify them in response to an initial view that illustrates any issues (which I have yet to find).

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Hi Bernd and welcome to the Community!

Your suggestion makes sense, in my opinion. We'll discuss it internally.

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We've updated CSViewer and added an option for auto-detection of the text separator. Try it out: https://csviewer.com/

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Awesome work! Tried it and saves me a dialog and dialog dismissal every time I double click a CSV.

We've given it another thought and made another change: now, any file opened by clicking in Windows Explorer opens with the default or auto-detected settings. Opening from the start screen in CSViewer still shows the load settings dialog.

The checkbox has been removed as it's not required in this case.