CSV File error on Import


I came across a very strange behavior today. I have a csv file, with ID as a field. I copied the file to create a duplicate - called it File1. I opened File 1 in Excel, saved it as csv. If I then import it, the field type change to no format and 4971850000000 appears as 4.97185E+12 on import. If File2 is opened in notepad it display correctly. If I now compare the two file, I get incorrect information

Attached find a File 2 csv file. Duplicate it, open one file in excel and save as CVS. Import both into EM.

What can we do to prevent this?



File2…csv (615 Bytes)

This is how Excel saves CSVs. We can’t do much with it.

Instead of field type “No format”, format the IDs as numbers in Excel before exporting to CSV.

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Thanks, Dmitry.
We are merging data of different sources and not all have a numeric value in ProductID. I want to automate this work, so will work around it an look to use PowerShell to do formating before importing it.