Create parameter(s) from SQL Query

I need to generate a daily inventory (export file piped delimited) from ERP SQL Data:
It is for one item that specified three or four quantity columns: Shipped, Production, Quantity On Hand, etc.; and a Date column and a Time Column. This I can do. However I have to name the file using values from the Date Column and the Time Column; and some other values. I can do this in the SQL Query by creating two additional columns. These two columns need to become parameters for the file name and excluded from the columns to export. I don’t know how to with Easy Morphe to create the parameters from the SQL query? e.g., Date Column value: 05/01/2022; and e.g. Time Column example: 09:34 AM.
So the filename (to export) column has this value:
F:\FocusBrand\Outbound\DSI_0065_20223402 093417.txt
The file name column is easy to create but how to create a parameter from the column values; and then how to exclude this or any other column before exporting to txt file?

You can use the “First column value” mode as described in this topic: Using "First value of column" for file path when exporting - how can we use it? - #4 by dgudkov

I appreciate the example but the listed steps to create the example would be good.
This example starts not with a SQL Query that has 10 or 12 columns in which column 1 (one) is a full path and file name. This is to be the parameter used to create the exported text file. This column is not to be in the export just the parameter used to name the file export.

Here is an example. It imports a database table and exports it into a text file which name is calculated dynamically with a column value. Check out action annotations for explanations. (251.1 KB)

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