Create folder max. path length

I created a workflow which creates all job folders on our server based on an excel table including the project information. I created multiple columns which indicate the different folder depth levels for example level 1 is the main server path, level 2 the client folder, level 3 project group folder, level 4 specific project folder and so on to be able to skip certain folder creations if needed.
Normally working on Mac we never had a problem with too long folder paths and file names.
Now when I create folders on our NAS using the workflow some projects return the file name max 260 and path name max 248 characters error. I already deactivated the regular windows max length settings and the NAS does not have settings for this. Is EasyMorph “the problem” in this workflow and is there any way to fix this without changing our whole folder and file naming?


Hi @xlubox,

EasyMorph doesn’t support long paths, but you can try to work around that limit by prefixing your paths with \\?\ like this: \\?\C:\SomeFolder\SomeFile.txt

Most of the actions will not allow entering that prefix directly, but you should be able to specify a path with that prefix with a parameter.

Hi, xlubox and Andrew.

Just happened across this now and thought of I a trick I use. Create a mapped drive to the folder (or a parent folder) you’re reading from/writing to. That really shortens the file path.

i.e., Create a mapped drive “X:” to a long path like "C:\This is my folder of files\This is my subfolder of files\Here is the folder\ [files are here]. If you map the whole path to “X:”, you can just reference “X:[files]” instead of the full long path.

I use this with “deep” folders on my own system as well as shared folders across the network.

Hope that helps!

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