Create folder action - from column


Trying to create a folder based on a column - is this possible?
The options available when trying to create a folder is to use either text or a paremter - not a calculated value (eg. column name)

Yes, you can use “Iterate program” to execute a Windows shell command defined using the expression below

'mkdir "' & [Folder name] & '"'

Alternatively, use iterations to run a child project in which “File command” action with command “Create folder” creates a folder specified by a parameter.

Let me know if an example is required.

Thank you! This solved my issue.

What are the meaning of the exit commands? There’s a ‘Half if exit command is not = 0’ and the projects halts with exit command 1 if this is checked.

In Windows if a program/command is executed without errors its exit code is 0. If it’s not 0 then there was an error. See here the full list of exit codes:

When checkbox “Halt if exit code is not 0” is ticked the project will fail if the Run/Iterate Program action where this checkbox is ticked executed a program or Windows command that returned non-zero exit code, i.e. also failed.

When it’s not ticked, errors of external programs and Windows commands will be ignored.

Makes sense, thank you.