Create a folder on a SFTP map


I want to create a folder on a SFTP-server. With the File Transfer command you can upload, download, list files and folder and delete a file.

Is there a workaround to create a folder on a remote sftp?


Hi Luc,

You can use the “SSH command” action with the same connector that you use for SFTP file transfer. Use the action to run a shell command to create a folder, e.g.

mkdir folder1

Hi Dmitry

Thanks for your anwser. I tried this allready but I got the response: This account only supports SFTP

In this case, you can run a 3rd party SFTP utility using the “Run program” action. For instance, WinSCP or use the built-in Windows SFTP client (see below).


Alternatively, it can be done with a Powershell script, but I don’t have a ready-to-use example.

Thx! This will solve the issue!