Coverting Cell to Separate Columns

Thanks for your support as always.

I have a list of cells as below. I want this to be separate two columns like below.

Can Easymorph help this?

|   Success Rate [%] = A / B * 100            |
|  . A = FAMILYID101:ConnEstabSucc            |
|  . B = FAMILYID2211:ConnEstabAtt            |

We have to refer to a formula ‘A / B *100’ each cell.

[To be columns]
|           Name                         |                Formula                     |
|               Success Rate [%]         |  sum(ConnEstabSucc)/sum(ConnEstabAtt) *100 |

Thank you.

Hi Seogoo,

So you need to split Success Rate [%] = A / B * 100 to two different columns with values Success Rate [%] and A / B * 100 and then substitute A and B with their values?

Can you please elaborate on variable conversion rules? For example, it’s not clear for me how FAMILYID101:ConnEstabSucc was converted to sum(ConnEstabSucc).

Also, can you please provide more examples.

Thank you for your response.

Let me elaborate little bit more.


  1. FAMILYID101: -> I need to delete this part, you may use keepbefore “:”
  2. ConnEstaSucc -> I want to keep this part adding sum() just like sum(ConnEstaSucc)

Those two parts are changes along with rows

Feel free to ask again.

Thank you.

Seogoo, does the formulas always have only two arguments which are named A and B?

yes, just A and B.

Here is an example project:
Parse formula.morph (5.3 KB)

Note that newline characters have to be replaced with some other character since newline characters can’t be used as a separator in the “Split delimited text into columns” action.

Thank you Andrew, Understood how to do it.
I will play around with it for more cases for my work.