Countif to serialise unique values

Hi all,

I'm trying to create serial numbers for unique values, which I do in Excel with the CountIf function. For example,

Column A (data) - Column B (output)
ValueA1 - 1
ValueA1 - 2
ValueB2 - 1
ValueC3 - 1
ValueC3 - 2
ValueC3 - 3

In Excel I was able to do this by using CountIf, and then dragging this formula down to the last row.


Any suggestions?

You might try to do this with the "Enumerate rows" action, making sure to group by Column A.


Does that work for you?

Ah rockstar!! Thank you! I was trying Enumerate Groups but Enumerate Rows then Groups is the key. Thanks!

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You're welcome! Always happy to help (which is true for quite a lot of members on this community forum :wink: )