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#Couldn't convert 0.169760876645622 to number

Hi all,

I have a query to load data from Oracle db with formula and table is showing some values are could not get converted to number. Are there any limitation in easyMorph how many digits it supports after decimal point?

I am using version

Hi @bolud,

EasyMorph supports numbers with 28-29 significant digits. And NUMBER type in Oracle may have up to 38 significant digits.

The workaround here is to add something like ROUND("COLUMN", 20) to your formula.


I’m using version, and I have that issue also. I’m using Oracle database and the data type is a FLOAT(126). On custom SQL I can use the workaround that you mentioned, by using round function. But since some users use the visual way, there is other way of fix it?

Thank you.

Hi @isabcabral and welcome to the Community!

You can extract the numeric value from the error message and convert it into a number using the method from the attached project. In this case, users can convert errors into numeric values.

convert-error.morph (2.5 KB)

Hi @dgudkov,

Thank you for your help, but I can’t open the project:

“An error has occured while opening the project: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.”

My EasyMorph version is 4.7.1. I tried to make the project work in 4.7.0 but apparently it didn’t happen.

I’ve updated my reply above with a project for v4.7.1 and added a screenshot. If you don’t have 4.7.1 installed, you should still be able to figure out the logic from the screenshot.

Hi @isabcabral,

Also, you can create an expression with the ROUND() function and then use that expression instead of a column to add conditions:

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