Copying Folders with File Command

I'm trying to copy a list of subfolders to another folder to make where i can zip them but I don't see that as a File Command option, is there another way to approach this?

Theoretically I guess you could use 'create folder' to create a new folder in the new location (with the same name), use copy/move list of files to copy all of the contents into the newly created folder, and then delete folder to delete the original. And use iterate to do that for each folder in your list.... but I think it would be kind of a pain to set up.

You can use the "Run program" action to run the Windows shell command xcopy:

xcopy some_source_dir\ new_destination_dir\ /E

The trailing slash \ tells xcopy the destination is a directory. /E is for recursive copy.


Thanks, Dmitry! I've passed this along to the user having the issue. Appreciate the quick response here.

Hi Dmitry. Robocopy is more robust and secure than xcopy ?

Hi Reinhard,

It could be, I didn't compare them. So far, xcopy worked pretty well.

Thanks Dmitry.
It was writen in the Internet and also have more parameter's etc. So if you would like only copy the new/changed one not always copy all then you will be faster.
But for me I was also always working with xcopy