Copy & paste into Excel concatenates data

Many times in the past I've copied data columns from EasyMorph and pasted them into an Excel spreadsheet, with no problems. Lately when I try to do that, the data from many EasyMorph columns gets concatenated and pasted into a single Excel column. What has changed?

Hi @MT-Dave and welcome to the Community!

I just tried to copy a few columns from EasyMorph to Excel using version and it worked as expected -- all columns were inserted as separate columns in Excel.

Can you please describe how exactly are you selecting and copying columns? Also, what EasyMorph version do you use?

PS. A screenshot or two would be helpful as well.

Sorry - I replied to your email message, which probably doesn't work. I just select all the columns in EasyMorph, right-click and select Copy:Copy values.

Then I select the top-left cell in Excel, right-click, and paste. It always worked fine until lately.

It's aggravating, as I use that a lot!

Any help you can give would be appreciated.

I installed the most recent version, Same problem.

Hmm... this is a bit mysterious.

If, instead of selecting and copying all columns, you right-click the action and select "Copy output to clipboard" - is the result the same?

Hi @MT-Dave ,

It is possible that Excel remembered last used delimiter in 'Data: Text to Columns' operation.
Could you please check what delimiter is being used for 'Text to Columns'?
It should be set to Tab as it will affect how Paste works:
Since EasyMorph generates exactly the same clipboard data as before, we suspect that Excel might be misinterpreting it.

Yep. Still the same.

Thanks. It was the Text to Columns delimiter that was causing the problem. By the way, I LOVE EasyMorph. I'm retired, so the paid version is a bit pricey for me. I manage to work around the limitations of the free version. I'm using it to find anomalies in the voter data in Montana, where we have a project to clean up the voter rolls.

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