Copy/move multiple files

Hi, Community

Thank you in advance.

please help me out.
I just want to copy files with hourly stamps to another directory.
so, I try to use parameter with wildcard like this. but it won’t work.

the file name is as below:
The parameter(file path I used is this.
‘D:\EasyMorph\Data\VzW5G\RawData’&{date Adj}&’\PSMA0-’&{date Adj}&’-’&{time Adj}&’*’

But the result is ‘File Not Found’

My question is,

  1. ‘File Command’ doesn’t support wild card?
  2. I tried to use 'copy/move list of files, but it says 'the list of files is empty, please guide me.

That’s correct. Commands of the “File command” action that operate with a single file don’t support wildcard.

See the tutorial article on file operations, section " Operations with a list of files":