Copy and move files in Amazon command


Is it possible to add some additional features to the Amazon command:

  • Move files
  • Move folders
  • Copy files
  • Copy folders
  • List files in all subdirectories

For us, this would simplify a lot of things since we have to combine aws cli with amazon command to cope with all use cases.

Thanks !


I second this. We also need a command to list all folders. Folders are constantly updated in our bucket. I need a way list all the folders.



Hi Dmitry,

Are there plans to integrate a move file(s), move folders command into the Amazon and Sharepoint Command ?

We frequently need this. Currently we have to do workaround using command line or some other workaround.

Use case: file landing area that contains files that have to be picked up by ETL then when de file is processed, it has to be move to another directory in S3 or sharepoint.

Thanks !

Listing folders in Amazon Command is available in version 5.0.