Converting xls document into google sheets

Currently I’m using morph to export directly into google sheets. The only issue is my batch size keeps hitting the maximum and then I have to wait almost 1/2 a day before I am able to resume updates. I saw you have a option called Google Drive Command. I tried to upload and set my settings on my drive to convert it but that doesn’t seem to be working. Is there an option or can one be included to upload a file but convert it to a google sheet so that we don’t have to wait to write the rows? I have already tried changing the batch size to be 100 rows but still I’m hitting my quota due to the size of my data. By allowing us to export it to excel then import it to google but convert it to sheets may save alot of time and computation.


Hello Flowy,

What limit are you hitting? Can you please post the error message?

How many rows and columns are you trying to export in one go?

Hi Andrew!

Below is the error message.

Error: Quota exceeded for quota metric ‘Write requests’ and limit ‘Write requests per minute per user’ of service ‘’ for consumer ‘project_number:586875311485’.
Source: action “Export Google Sheets”, table “INTITIAL ENTITIES.xlsx”

Number of rows: 368981
Number of columns: 11


Hi Flowy,

Google Sheets API has a limit of 100 requests per 100 seconds per user. And the Export Google Sheets action has a throttling that doesn’t allow a single export action to exceed that limit.

Is it possible that some other Export Google Sheets or Import Google Sheets action that uses the same Google account is executed simultaneously with the failing action?

For example, by EasyMorph Launcher or EasyMorph Server?

In any case, you should try to increase the batch size to 10000 since a bigger batch size results in a smaller number of batches\requests per minute.

I’ve tried doing more but also hit this issue. Is it possible to add something in a future release where you use the conversion API and allow for a user to use the Google commands to encode from XLS to google sheets to the google drive? We use this alot and it could help a ton with other users. At least before I go and make my own external module haha.


I’ve converted the topic into a feature request.

If anyone has the same problem, please leave a comment below.

Thanks Dmitry!