Converting text to date issue

Hello, I’m having trouble converting text string to date:

Found and old article about the same (Incomparable values for condition by dates) but solution doesn’t seem to work for me:

Any advice is appreciated :slight_smile:

Hi Jorgen,

The format string specified in your action settings is dd-MM-yyyy while for the text dates in your screenshot they format is dd.MM.yyyy.

To learn more about date format strings check out this article: syntax:functions:date [EasyMorph Help]

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Ahhh, totally misunderstood the “Format” of the convert function, thought it was the format of the output not the input, many thanks!

Given that some of these dates actually are correct formatted I probably need to do some if-statement to get it right :slight_smile:

…or just set “If conversion fails” to “Keep original value” - EasyMorph is an impressive piece of software!!
Just wish I’ve heard of it before.

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