Convert To Proper Case Only Works For Lower Case?


I have just tried using the expression ‘proper’ for converting a column to a proper case. There seems to be a bug in EasyMorph that only converts text that has a combination of upper and lower characters (tHiS wOrKs), or just lower characters (this works).

When I try to convert a column that is all uppercase (THIS DOESNT WORK) to proper case, it doesn’t work. I have managed to work around it by first converting the text to lower case, then converting to proper, but thought I should raise this in case someone else is having the same issue.

Hi Daniel,

this behavior is intended. Its purpose is to have the ability keep abbreviations uppercase when converting the rest of text into the proper case. This is covered in the help article on proper():

I will add an example with explicit conversion of all upper-case text to the help article.