Convert String to Proper Case

Is there an easy way to convert a string into “Proper case”, where the first letter of each word is capitalized?

There is no easy way to convert to “proper” case. There is a hard way, though (see below).

Book4.xlsx (8.8 KB)
Proper Case.morph (2.9 KB)

Good answer. Now, can this be turned into a Text function in the product?

Function proper(text) has already been added since the topic was created. Check it out!

Right on then. My apology. Well done!

FYI, when the proper() function is applied to an all upper case string, it does not perform and the entire Uppercase string is the result.

Workaround: wrap the string in LOWER(string) function.

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That’s on purpose so that abbreviations remain uppercase. The workaround is spot on, thanks!