Convert notation to number

I have an Invoice column from CSV file with a value "7108510000000"

After I import to EM, this shows "7.11E+12"

Is there any settings during import or formula to preserve the number value?

Could you provide such a file?

I created a test file and importing it into easymorph works fine.
tmp_easymorph.csv (95 Bytes)

Make sure you're importing directly from CSV and not from an intermediate Excel file.

Here is the sample file. With this file, I need to convert notation to whole number.

purchase-2.csv (54.9 KB)

You can use the parsefloat() function to parse numbers in the scientific (exponential) notation.

PS. It looks like your data is irreversibly damaged. Some app converted "7108510000000" to "7.11E+12" with a loss of precision. Therefore, it's not possible to obtain "7108510000000" back from "7.11E+12". You will obtain "7110000000000".

I end up with this solution:

New Invoice Number =
if([Vendor Name]='Vendor 1'
,iferror(parsefloat([Invoice Number]), [Invoice Number])
,[Invoice Number])