Convert Date to Month/Year

Hi -
In many of my use cases I’m converting granular data and rolling it up based on a date hierarchy (similar to Pivot tables in Excel)

The most common case for me is Year/Month. To do this I typically convert using fuction



It would be an interesting feature if this concept was available during the aggregation or as a quick action as I find myself repeating these steps frequently.

Nothing critical just thought I’d pass it to the community as I was thinking about it

  • Adam

Hi Adam,

have you seen the “Make date/time columns” action that we’ve added recently? It seems to do exactly what you need.

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Is there a requirement for the format before it can be transformed?

Yes, the values must be dates (i.e. numbers) in EasyMorph. If needed, use the “Convert data type” action to convert text dates to number dates.