Continue after "halt on condition"

The topic is aimed at workflow optimization when using Easymorph Server.

I use “halt on condition” not only to check on empty tables, but also to check results for plausibility (using calculations within “halt on condition”-transformation).

But, sometimes, it would make sense to proceed for different reasons.
Users will have to start Easymorph Professional, change the task and run it again (which is pretty inconvenient).

Can you think of adding a “want to continue-switch” to the Easymorph Server.

It is by design that projects should not require human interaction during calculations. The case you described is a workflow that requires human “approval” at some point, based on data quality / plausibility. There are two approached how to deal with such cases in EasyMorph:

If the calculation doesn’t take much time, then you can use parameters to define behavior. For instance, have parameter “Ignore empty tables” (Y/N) that would define if a halt should be done or not. If a data quality issue has to be ignored then this parameter is flipped from N to Y, and the task is re-run again.

Another approach is to export results into a temporary file or DB table before checking for data quality and halting. If data quality looks good, then user triggers manually another task that uploads data from the temporary file (DB table) and finishes calculations.