Connectors not available : must not block the desktop behaviour


As I have seen with you Dmitry, today there is a kind of control during workflow execution that prevents anything from running if no connectors are available through “Add/Edit connectors”.

For example if you define a repo.sqlite that does not exist and then you try to run a workflow based on file, there is an error message telling you there’s no connector and the worflow does not execute. But the workflow does not need any connector so that should not be a blocking control. I was wondering with Dmitry if this control could be disabled :

(happening when a shared repo does not exist)

This is particularly a problem when you want to implement the data catalog with no access on any connectors from the desktop. In this case no connector is available so easymorph workflow fails with that error message. But it should work as in the target users will only use the “retrieve catalog item” which does not need any connector (in this case datasets are computed on server side, not desktop).

(happening when a shared repo from server is not available)