Connector to Tableau Online - having troubles

I’m trying to define a connector to Tableau Online and am getting a 401001 error. SSO is disabled. I tried connecting to Tableau Server (even though that’s not the actual site) because I could enter a URL instead of a “zone” (Online). When trying Server (instead of Online), the error is 405000.

I know the Tableau credentials are correct. I’ve looked through all the community posts and found a couple of topics (e.g., #864) related to Tableau Online but neither is applicable. I’d appreciate any suggestions on how to properly define a connector for Tableau Online.

I’m on latest release

Hi @LJMiller,

in what zone is your Tableau Online site?

@andrew.rybka can you please investigate.

Thank you for the reply. Our zone/pod is “United States - West - (10AZ)”

Hi @LJMiller,

It seems that we will have to add 10az as a separate zone to zones list in Tableau Online connector.

As for the Tableau Server connector - have you tried to specify Host as (Tableau Online API required HTTPS).

I tried the fully-stated URL ( through the Tableau Server connection and still got the 401001 error.

Please let me know when 10AZ is added to the Tableau Online list. FYI: the entire pod list is:
UE1, 10AY, 10AZ, UW2B, DUB01, EW1A according to the Tableau site.

If it the same error as the one you are getting in Tableau Online connector?

Can you please send us a screenshot of that error?

Do you happen to have a link to the page where the zones are listed? Information about the zones from Tableau is somewhat confusing, so maybe your link will bring some clarity. Thanks!

Andrew – here are the images from:

  1. Define new connector – Tableau Server
  2. Enter all the values, including the fully-qualified URL
  3. Click the “Test” button
  4. Received the error pop-up

The link is -

There are two expandables (+):

  • one for Online
  • one for Public

If you click the expand plus-symbol, you can see the pod names

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Lance, thank you for the screenshots and the link.

Does your password contain one of the following characters: ', ", <, >, %, space or some other non-alphanumeric character?

Andrew - yes, the password contains a period (.) … otherwise all alphabetic.

Lance, it seems that periods in passwords don’t cause any problems. And all the other connector options seems to be valid. So the source of the error is somewhere else. I’ll get back to you after some research.

Lance, so far I was able to find only the following reasons for 401001 error from Tableau Online API:

  • Wrong credentials, Tableau Online pod or site name
  • Tableau Online account is expired or blocked
  • User’s authorization method set to SAML or Google
  • Special characters in a password

Are you able to connect to Tableau Online with the same settings from Tableau Desktop or some other third-party application?

Can you please temporary change you Tableau Online password to something extremely simple (like “querty123”) and test Tableau Server connector with that password? Just to be 100% sure that this error is not caused by a combination of characters in your current password.

Andrew - I tested the Tableau Server connection with a simple password of “tableau123” (no periods, no special characters) and got the same error. I was careful to enter the fully-qualified URL (including https).

The other thing to try is the Tableau Online connector once the zone is added.

Otherwise, what else would you like me to try?


Thank you for the test.

Zones are already added - you can get the updated version from our download page:

But I don’t expect it to fix the error since the internal implementation of Tableau Server and Tableau Online connectors are almost the same.

Can you please try to connect to Tableau Online from Tableau Desktop with the same credentials as in EasyMorph connector and in case it will work send me screenshots of connections settings from Tableau Desktop?

Andrew - please see the attachments for the latest screen shots. As you suspected, the new version didn’t change the result. In the attachment (“2”) I combined the two screen shots for easier reference. The larger background shows my email connection to Tableau Online … the smaller insert (purple box) shows the EasyMorph connection attempt. In the attachment (“3”) I show the connection through Tableau Desktop to Tableau Server/Online using the same logon credentials.

Lance, thank you for the screenshots.

Can you please login to your Tableau Online site from a browser and send me URL from the browser’s address bar.

Lance, I think that I found URL in one of your previous posts:

If that is the correct URL of your site, you have to enter Site name in EasyMorph’s connector properties exactly as defined in the URL. I.e. coloradospringsphilharmonic

Andrew - please refer back to the fist image. On the right it shows the full URL in the browser bar.

The URL is:

Lance, please, try to enter coloradospringsphilharmonic as Site name option.