Connector Lists Too Many Databases

In the Query Database dialogue connectors list every table in each database the database user has the right to see, not only the one DB defined in the connector. So the Database name field in the connector dialogue doesn’t do anything currently.

What is the database type/connector?

Can you post screenshots of the connector settings and the list of tables in the Query Editor that you see?

Hi Dmitri,

Thanks for your quick reply. Below are the requested screen shots.

Hi @RaBe,

It works correctly on my side.

Are you sure that “CoreDB_Admin” and “CoreDB_DEV” are databases and not schemas?

MariaDB does not have schemas. So it’s not DB.Schema.Table but DB.Table.

Sorry, my bad.

The Database name field of the MariaDB allows you to specify the default database for the connection.

If you want to remove some of the databases from the tables lists, you should use the “Schemas” tab of the connector properties:

For databases that don’t have schemas, that filter is applied to database names.

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