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Connector for Snowflake [DONE]

As requested by Mike B. in a review on Capterra.

Full support for Snowflake has been added starting from version 4.6. EasyMorph comes with a native connector for Snowflake that works out of the box. Also, it supports ODBC connections to Snowflake (you will need the 64-bit ODBC driver for Snowflake installed additionally).

Here is how you can create a connector to Snowflake in EasyMorph:

Snowflake is supported in all actions that work with databases:

  • Import from database
  • Select matching database rows
  • Export to database table
  • Bulk export to database table (only ODBC)
  • Database command (create table, delete table, delete table rows, custom SQL command)
  • Update database table
  • Delete database rows
  • Delete matching database rows
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