Connector for Salesforce [DONE]


it would be really helpful to get a API connector to Salesforce to extract data directly.
Salesforce is the No.1 Cloud CRM system and I think this would be also a good reputation for EasyMorph :slight_smile:
And for me (and I think also for a couple of other EasyMorph users) as SF Administrator it would safe really many time.

Therefore my question - is this planned in the future to have an connector to Salesforce too?


Hello Norbert,

Salesforce is definitely a major system out there, so a connector to it would totally make sense. We also get requests for a Salesforce connector from other customers.

We will see if the “Web request” action will be sufficiently convenient to use with Salesforce’s REST API. The action will be available in v4 planned for this summer.

If “Web request” won’t work well enough with Salesforce then we will start thinking about a dedicated API.

If anyone else needs a connector to Salesforce please make yourself heard in this thread – it would help us understand the urgency.

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Hi dgudkov,

That would be very useful. Instead of using a direct connector to SFDC (i thought Qlik would do), i have to set up SSIS ETLs (or powerqueries), odbc connections, output in CSV on my shared drive, and start the Easymorph from those data sources.

Using an API connector would save a few steps, and reduce the red tape quite a bit.

Thanks for taking suggestions.

Your suggestion is duly noted, @newthang.

Hi Dmitry,

We could use a Salesforce connector as well.

Here’s a good Bulk API walkthrough:
Here’s a good Rest API walkthrough:


The connector and actions for Salesforce have been added in version 5.