Connector for EXASOL Database [DONE]

Hello easymorph team,

It would be great if you could integrate an Connector for EXASOL Database

We are using EXASOL at enterprise scale and to make it more accessable for every day users easymorph could be the solution. Unfortunatly there is no support yet.

Kind regards


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Isn’t it possible to use the standard ODBC driver? I will try tommorow at work as we also have an EXASOL database in use. I will keep you informed…

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Hi Jochen,

Thank you for your reply.
ODBC is possible, but it lacks the SQL dialect. Unfortunately the visual query editor is not available for “other SQL”. That is quite a important feature in my case. We try to get rid of the need to write SQL for the user group in mind.

To me it does not matter whether a connector or a SQL dialect is the solution for the problem.

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Hi all,

There’s a specific feature in Exasol to import data from flat files. The use of this function would be great.


EXASOL seems popular. We will bump it up on our product roadmap.


Hi all,
is there an update to this? Where on the product roadmap is the Exasol dialect or Exasol connector currently?



Exasol is important for me also.


We’ve put the EXASOL connector on the roadmap for release 4.6.1. We didn’t do our research on EXASOL yet, but if no major roadblocks encountered it should be available by the end of December.

We might reach out to you for beta-testing.


there’s a specific loading mode in Exasol that makes it very fast. maybe you could consider this possibility ?


We will definitely consider it, but the result depends on whether it’s supported in the .NET or ODBC drivers provided by the vendor.

the IMPORT method only works with JDBC or flat files…

Nudge EXASOL for better .NET support :slight_smile: We can’t do much if they don’t support the feature in their ADO.NET or ODBC driver.

We’ll see what can be done with files. Maybe they can be served from EM Server. Otherwise, only file transfer + local load via existing actions.

An SQL dialect for Exasol has been added in version 4.6.2. It’s supported in the visual query editor and in all the database actions except the “Bulk export” action.

@mhaindl, @Jochen_Marquardt, @cvo Please confirm if it works as expected or not.